Minister's Message


Minister of Health's Message 

Kam na bane ni mauri

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to this website. This is the first ever project done on the website which aims at improving the understanding, knowledge and accessibility of the general public and interested users to information about us – the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, staffs and what we do to the people.

The Ministry operates in accordance to its Strategic Plan, the current covering the years 2012-2015.  It is a rolling plan aims at achieving our VISION and GOAL and that is also reflecting on ongoing strategic issues including emerging new issues and challenges that includes the following:-

  • Population growth.
  • Maternal morbidity and mortality.
  • Child morbidity and mortality.
  • Communicable diseases.
  • Non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
  • Health service delivery.
  • Gender-based violence (GBV) and youth issues.


The vision for the Kiribati Health Strategic Plan is:

A healthy population that is well supported by quality health services


The primary goal for the Kiribati Health Strategic Plan for the period 2012–2015 is:

To improve population health and health equity through continuous improvement in the quality and responsiveness of health services, and by making the most effective and efficient use of available resources

I strongly believe that this website is of great benefit to the people, the government and our development partners and I wish you all our traditional blessings of Te Mauri Teraoi ao Tabemoa.