Nursing Services

The Nursing Services in Kiribati provide the backbone of the health work force, comprising about 70% of all health sector employees, and the scope of nursing is wide and varied. The following sections are under the Nursing Department.

Training School

Basic Nursing

Basic nursing training is provided locally through a three-year, hospital-based training programme. Approximately 25 nurses are enrolled in the programme each year.The Kiribati has one school for basic nurse education. The training course is 3 years in length and leads to a Diploma in Nursing. Basic Nurse curriculum revised and upgraded to Diploma in Nursing (New Zealand) by the assistance from WHO TAs from Auckland University since 2010.The annual intake is around 25 – 30 due to the capacity of the school itself.

Category: Registered Nurse

Entry requirements: Form 6 & 7 (Science students) Test and interview

Length of training: 3 years

Levels/Credentials: Diploma

Description: Rotated to outer clinics and the wards


Midwife & Public Health Nursing

A Post Basic Course on Public Health (PH) and Midwifery commences at the beginning of 1999 with an intake of 6 Nurses, 2 Medical Assistants (MA) and 4 Nursing Officers. This is now an ongoing course which should cater for all our Registered Nurses including MAs. Currently the duration of the PH training months is 5- 6months, Midwifery Course is 7-8months and the Medical Assistant is 12months in the classroom and 6months additional of internship. Midwifery is another additional 3 months internship in obstetric ward and reproductive health unit. This course also focuses on development and management of community health services.


Entry requirements: 

Length of training:



Medical Assistant School

The Medical Assistant training programme started in 1978 and extends the role of nurses in dispensaries in outer islands to patient assessment, treatment planning, simple patient care and management and referral is needed (mini doctors in the island). Other nursing post-basic qualifications (e.g. Bachelor Nursing, Masters, Critical care, emergency, ophthalmology, paediatrics, medical and surgical nursing etc) are currently now obtained in Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan.

Category: Medical Assistants

Entry requirements: Registered Nurse with 5 years experience in Public Health

Length of training:1 year training 6 months practical

Levels/Credentials: Certificate

Description: Managers of Health Centre in an Island


Hospital Nurse

Public Health Nurse