Hospital (Curative) Services

The Hospital (Curative) Department provide the following services to the community: Hospital Services, Pharmacy & Medical Stores Service, Rehabilitation Service , Mental Health Service, Medical Laboratory Service, and Medical Imaging Service.


There are four Public Hospitals - A national referral hospital, Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH), and 3 subdivisional hospital - Kiritimati Island Hospital, the new hospital, Southern Kiribati Hospital (SKH) also called Kieia Ataei Hospital and lastly a small hospital, called Betio Hospital.

Tungaru Central Hospital

The national referral Hospital, Tungaru Central Hospital (TCH), built between 1991 and 1992 located on capital Tarawa Island. It receives referrals from the sub-divisional hospitals and health centres. TCH is a 120 bed hospital built with Japanese funding.

Services offered: Emergency care, General Medical, Surgical, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and mental health service supported by laboratory, medical imaging, pharmacy, and physiotherapy services. Dial 194 for an ambulance service.

There is a number of private room and provided meals for in-patients, their main carer, and for discharged patients awaiting transport to the outer islands.

Expanded Services: Visiting specialist team from overseas visit occasionally, Overseas referral (specialised secondary and tertiary care).

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Southern Kiribati Hospital (SKH)

Southern Kiribati Hospital (SKH) is opened in 2008, a newly build district hospital in the Southern part of Kiribati with 40 beds capacity. It cater as a referral hospital for the Southern Gilbert Islands (7 other islands) with a population of around 20,000. SKH is designed to improve health care delivery to the Southern Islands and to reduce congestion at the main hospital on Tarawa. It has single fully equipped operating theatre, Maternity ward and labour suite, General ward and a Paediatric ward.

Services offered: Emergency Care, Basic surgery, medical and maternity, pharmacy, laboratory, medical imaging and ambulance service.

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Kiritimati Hospital

Kiritimati Hospital is a referral hospital for the Line & Phoenix Island Group in the Gilbert Island. The hospital is manned by 2 Consultants and 2 Medical Officers. The only hospital in the Line & Phoenix Group that had a Doctor and had a Operating Theater, the newly maternity ward funded the Pacific Island Medical Aid (PIMA) and a General Ward.

Services Offered: Emergency Care, Basic surgery, medical, maternity, pharmacy, laboratory, medical imaging and ambulance service.

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Betio Hospital

Betio Hospital is a small hospital located at Betio Islet. The hospital serve the area from Teaoraereke, Nanikaai, Bairiki and Betio on South Tarawa.

Services Offered: Emergency care, General medical, maternity, pharmacy and dental service. Dial 195 for an Ambulance Service.

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 Improving health through access and quality use of essential medicines.


The Department of Pharmacy aspires to efficiently manage and coordinate the procurement, storage, and distributions of essential medicines; and to effectively provide technical advice and organize public awareness on rational use of medicines.


  •  Health Centers & Dispensaries in urban and rural areas
    • Distributing the essential medicines and medical supplies to all clinics throughout Kiribati and providing Drug management training for clinic nurses
  •  Health Workers 
    • Promoting the rational use of drugs through disseminating standard treatment guidelines and monitoring the use to prescribers and other health workers
  •   Health Program
    • Maintaining cold chain for vaccines for EPI program, Seafarers vaccination program, and Antenatal program, and the like.
  •  Out Patients
    • Dispensing prescribed medicines to out-patients and educating them importance on compliance and other medicines related issues
  • General Public
    • Educating the public on medicine necessary information and promoting the rational use.


  • Development of Drug Management Guidelines for rural and urban clinics since 2007.
  • Installation and effective operation of pharmacy software (mSupply) since 2008.
  • Development and operation of Imprest System since 2008.
  • Development of Procurement Plan since 2009.
  • Effective operation of monthly stock reports on essential medicines since 2009.



  • Improving collaboration and cooperation with nurses at all levels (public health and hospital wards)on the implementation of the Imprest System.
  • Activation of the National Medicines and Therapeutics Committee.



Rehabilitation Services is a relatively new unit within the Hospital Department. It was established in 2004 alongside other paramedical services. The Unit comprises of two sections namely the physiotherapy and prosthetic/orthotic section.

Rehabilitation provides care to both inpatient and outpatient cases, including a service to the mini Betio hospital, and to the outer island. Rehabilitation Services also carries out outreach programs such as community- based rehabilitation for those that are discharged from the hospital but have not yet been independently mobile. Rehabilitation runs physical activity programs within different Ministries and church groups with the aim of trying to reduce the impact of non-communicable disease, and also provide coverage for the Kiribati School of Disabled. In addition, Rehabilitation provides assistance and support to other non-government organizations which require support in areas such as sports and disability.

Mental Health

Mental Health facility is located several miles away from the Tungaru Central Hospital. The facility has 25 beds and provides inpatient assessment and treatment for people with severe mental illness. It is the only facility with specialist mental health beds in the country. It is manned by 2 Psychiastrist, 5 nurses and 19 orderlies.

Regular outpatient clinics were held on every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as a inpatient review on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

There is a Sunday prayers with inpatient conducted by three Church groups in the country, and the Youth Christian organize outdoor games every Saturday and sometimes provide gifts.

The division receives different kind of donation from large organizations within the country.



Medical Imaging